Friday, June 4, 2010

Updated Spring Council Directions

*****Updated Directions*******. I received a call from a sister at
the spring council site Friday, June 4 in the am (Cali time). The
exit numbers on Interstate 80 have changed. The old exit and the new
exit is listed on the sign. but if you're coming off I-80 - use New
Exit #111. Then turn right on 153 and right on 219. From there the
original directions are good. There is a lot of construction on the
roads so be cautious. About 10 people are at the council site now.
Hopefully more will be arriving shortly. Sheets Convenience Store no
longer exits.

Here is another set of directions from Ridgeway

From downtown Ridgway PA, at the intersection of 219 and 948 (Main Street):
Take Main Street (948) West approximately 1 mile
Turn Right on Grant Street follow for 2.2 miles
Turn left onto Bingham Rd then in 0.6 miles turn left to stay on Bingham Rd
In 1.6 miles continue on Forest Road 135 Approximately 5 miles

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