Thursday, June 17, 2010

ICT/LEO movie

love all,..

the ICT/LEO movie is in full effect, same MO as last year, zero
tolerance,... lying, making shit up, false dog hits, boarderline illegal
searches, bull shit tickets... anything to get in your car, tear up your
shit, hassle, intmidate, fearmonger,... fucks.

first round of courtdate tickets seem to be for the 24th of june,.. Erie,
PA. (fed courthouse *i assume*, or another courthouse there,... you get the
jist,.. Erie,..)

last night's movie,... they towed a local momma's ride (supposedly no
legally licensed drivers ((yeah, dumb asses,..))).... they were only
checking it out for an evening,... they left her, her two adult riders, and
their 4 kids (including 8 wk. old child, stollers, carseats, etc,..) on the
side of the fucking road, with no camping gear, 2 hours from home, at
sundown,.. and the fucks smiled about it....

they're alright, they got home (finally),... but still, they have a car
impound movie to deal with in warren, and their fed courtdates t deal with
on the 24th.

bullshit small infraction tickets,.. every adult in the car,... again,
borderline illegal searches,.. locals, gatherers, anyone on that road.

...... and the band played on,....

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