Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Message from Cuba

For fun the really late GPS corodinates are something like n 36.04039
by w 106.78108. I finally got to the library here at Cuba.. All the
clean up has been done for over a week now maybe 2 weeks and the
final trash also. The abandoned cars (last 2) the head on collisions
were towed off for free Aug. 2 by a local thanks to a San Diegan named
AXX who found a yard with wrecks and tow vehicles. And old
SXX car got fixed. So now it is formally all over and a great
cleanup. The trash was out a week earlier than expected, the earliest
EVER. I have the sign off sheet it was given to us even before the
last 2 vehicles were towed. One is mailed to GXX I gave one to
MXX I still have 2 and I gave one to VXXwho said he'd mail a copy
to PXX. We in all had at least 4 tows for free and we fixed the
FXX bus at some cost and another car at some cost. Then SXXX
and RXX tyranny at also a cost but not bad. SXX got
fixed by VXX of Lovin Oven and Barking lot and shuttle, she got
her own parts, timing belt etc and computer work. The site looks
great. I logged Telegraph hill (high wholly) and Handicamp to slow
down traffic for growth. The F.S. locals will later cut and log all
roads in. This was a project planned long before we arrived. They
attempted to halt all traffic a few years ago. The grass has grown
immensely and over 5 inches in some areas. SCROLL camps fire pit has
a 5 " growth. Even the roads have lots of grass especially near Trade
Circle. Hundreds of aggressive cows and bulls chased us and our dogs
all over the place. An elk was spotted and lots of birds and also
Ravens everywhere. So all is well. The local thrift shop came up
several times to find stuff out of our trash and to be social. Many
many locals came up to help and visit. I went to the County Fair and
all were cordial. The Cuba News will allow me to print a thank you as
we sometimes do, only this time for free, if I get to it on time.
They also want fotos and may give us an entire page. I'm guessing all
of you heard of DXXX from Calm ripping off the family and supply /
bank $ as well as robbing LXXX and PXXX as well as many others.
We were all shocked we all knew he was a bit disturbed but never
expected that. As the reports go he has done similar actions to other
groups also. Even the local health inspectors were surprised yet did
not trust him from the beginning due to his arrogance and erratic
behavior. However he sort of fooled everyone. You can send this out
to anyone or edit it as you wish. I will be in town for a few more
days then off to see N.M. etc.