Tuesday, June 15, 2010

info on coming from I80

I would suggest Eastbound I80 folks take Shippenville exit, 66N-322W-208E-36N-62N & continuing on 62N/6E all the way to Warren (which might be the safest bet since Heart's Content Rd has a sign saying "Warren 17 miles" ) then taking Pleasant Drive to Hearts Content…OR having someone try up 62N past East Hickory & Tidioute almost to Irvine/Rocky Gap Area and trying that Right turn onto "Lenheart Rd" then right onto Pleasant Drive. I don't know if this route could potentially end up at a dead end like Queen Rd did. Taking 666 for us was THE LONG WAY – another 90 minutes more than we anticipated. I think straight into Warren would truly take less time because of better roads and straighter-shots (less little cutoff county roads)

With all that being said…its only my opinion. But I do suggest trying to take larger routes and avoiding all the little county rd. Those ultimately ate up time and miles something fierce for us.

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