Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Organic Grocer

Just learned that the phone number I posted for The Natural Store in Kane PA was incorrect, the correct number is 814-837-6620. I just called it myself and confirmed this.
Please send to all Kitchen Focalizers and Main Supply, and sorry if this error caused any confusion.
- Jen

Howdy Folks,
I'm Jen from Turtle Soup Kitchen with some info to share.
I just got some great information to share with all Kitchens, and MainSupply.
There is a local organic/natural grocer called The Natural Store in Kane,PA, which should be pretty close to the final gathering site. Theowners name is Judy, and the phone number is 814-994-9174.
A bit of online research led us to call Judy today, and she is more thanhappy to order cases of produce and dry goods for the family.
As I understand things, orders placed this week for bulk and case itemswill be ready for pick up by the 26th, so you will need to pre order.Please contact Judy to Confirm. The larger the quantity ordered, thebetter the price for all of us, so please pass this along to all theKitchen Focalizers you know.
Turtle Soup Kitchen will be placing an order with her this week.

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