Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cleanup Effort

Everyone has left the site. The cleanup effort is now actually over.

Some of the hard-working folks on-site took offense to folks on-line
reporting cleanup to be over before its time, it gave some the
impression they were being written off while still there.

Perhaps we could be more sensitive to this in the future, and not
report cleanup as over until folks are off-site, or perhaps we could
wait until the FS releases the cleanup letter?

Monday, August 2, 2010

PS to Final Cleanup Report

P.S. Correction. Miss Yes bus of Fat Kids only tossed noodles and
assorted bean seeds in a not so hidden area near bushes not all
compost as my last post seemed to express. And hey they were a major
force at the clean up. And...many of the beans did sprout however it
stunk for days after the rain.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 31 Final Cleanup Report

We are all out. We were gone in record time the fastest ever. The
Totem pole went to the Princess of the forest. It will most likely be
put in the lobby or yard of her Warren F.S. office. They were VERY
happy with the clean up. A sign off sheet will soon be faxed to
various Rainbows. Well just for the record best all around big
kitchen clean up was Fat Kids including their sister camp Death camp.
Best old guy kitchen was Musical Veggies however they did leave their
trash on 209 for our trash truck to take. Worst camp was Fairy Camp.
They left nearly everything for us to carry out. Tents, trash,
pillows, blankets, etc. etc. Worst dirty kid big kitchen was Shut Up
and Eat It. Worst old guy kitchen rehab was a tie, Lovin Ovens as
well as Instant Soup.( Both an unnatural eye sore and a
disappointment to our not so fussy F.S.). Worst post clean up let's
get out ta here was Fat Kids bus Miss Yes. They did a burn it party
by the bus and tossed compost after clean up on the way out of 209 .
Then it rained and stunk and gathered flys and bees for days along
the road for all the locals to see as they visited us. All in all it
went quite well.