Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Update

As of last night when I left, there were still about 10 cars and about
3 school buses left at the bear creek rec area. Others had gone off to
look at sites and some had dispersed to various locations around the
forest. For now this is still the spot to hit the land and plug in.
There has been informal discussion of keeping camps dispersed and
under 75 to avoid the obvious resulting hassles.

Law enforcement presence is relatively light with the PA state
troopers driving through about twice daily.

On Saturday evening after council the forest supervisor and the two
district rangers paid us a welcome call. They seem to be very
welcoming, they came without leos and brought us maps and photography
of some locations they thought would be good gathering sites.

We've worked with some of these people in the past regarding ops plans
and other health and safety concerns for recent regional gatherings,
they seem very much wanting to work closely with us again on
health/safety planning and operational/logistical issues. There was no
mention of "the permit" during this visit.

Here's their info:

Leanne M. Marten
Forest Supervisor
Forest Service
Allegheny National Forest
4 Farm Colony Drive
Warren, PA 16365
PH: 814-728-6299
FAX: 814-726-7462

Anthon y V. Scardina
District Ranger
Forest Service
Allegheny National Forest
29 Forest Service Drive
Bradford, PA 16 701
PH: 814-363-6098
FAX: 814-362-2761

We've worked closely with Tony in the past and he's good to work with
and understands how to communicate with us well.

I have both Anthony and Leanne's cell numbers available on request.

The second district ranger was Robert Fallon, but he didn't have any
business cards available. I believe he's out of the Marienville

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