Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Watch out for LEOs

Yes resource is best ever. Leo is as bad as ever cat and mouse
despite the permit as we stated permits are no easier on us. As years
past they follow you find any reason to stop you even if need to
invent one then sorry if find you in compliance. Then once stopped
they get the dog out claim it gave the positive hit sign thus do not
need permission to search. If find nothing after making a mess and a
lost hour and traffic jam they say you must have at one time picked
up a passenger who at one time was holding. Totally bogus. I saw the
dogs a few times and I happen to know the positive signal No such
signal was present. Just excuse to search illegally feeling that some
will be a positive HIT. Total scam. PS town is very friendly. Road is
nice but SCARY thin and blind curves and killer drop off edges if on
coming car swerves. I take 103 then 70 better rd few miles longer.