Sunday, June 14, 2009


Probably the first 800-1000 vehicles will be in small clusters along
FS 70 where there are many places for 6 or 8 or so vehicles to pull
off the road, and roadside parking for many many more. Then there
will be a much larger parking area on the other side of the junction
of FS 70 and FS 69. That's about 2 miles from the trailhead drop off
point. There's a good Handicamp this year and Tom is already dug in
there. They are working on making the route from Handicamp to the
Main Meadow easier each day - with more trail work. Shuttle is
working on smoothing a road to a Bus Village site but for now all the
busses (there were about 20 onsite last night) are just pulling well
off-road near to the drop-off and trailheads. So far it's been very
smooth parking. Everyone's gotta remember "All Four Off the Road" --
meaning tires really off the roadway. There haven't been any tickets
or even warnings about this -- yet. But that will be an issue and
people who don't lissen to the parking crew's advice will get
ticketed or towed. So far it's been sooooo good.