Friday, June 19, 2009

Town Meeting Review

The town meeting went really beautifully. There was a lot of
connecting talk between fire, health, emt, store owners, citizens and
rainbow participants. The fs resource did apowerpoint presentation
about the gathering in tp in '95 that was wonderfully positive. They
said what a good cleanup we did, how we worked with local folks,
ranchers, merchants and kept the environmental impact to a minimum.
they praised the cleanup and had great pictures of rehabs crews at
work. The dvd disc with the merchants and townspeople from previous
years that was cvompiled and sent to us was a big hit. We showed it
on a big screen and the packed house applauded at the end. It's a
really well-done and effective video. Thanks to all who helped put
that together.Lots of people spoke. the Cuba citizens asked really
good sensible questions. About a dozen or more Rainbow participants
spoke. C.A.L.M., Shanti Sena, Firewatch, Parking, Hygeine were all
discussed. Many more mingled with everyone before a!
nd after answering questings, doing the meet and greet . It was a
very good scene. Mayor Velarde (who ran the meeting and moderated)
kept the topic to the concerns of the town and away from Gatherers'
issues with the FS. One welcome home volunteer gave fair warning to
the townspeople that driving up 'there' they should watch their own
speed, seat-belt use, turn-signal use, open container issues because
there was a new kind of police up those roads that wasn't usually
there. He got a round of applause and thanks for that.