Saturday, June 20, 2009

LEO Harrassment

There has been a lot communication here in NM with the Governor's
office, with Sentators Bingaman and Udall, with US Representative Ben
Lujan and with, of course the admin people in Forest Service.

Everyone is "Looking into it." Everyone says they are "concerned." Etc.

It comes as little surprise to me, and to most at the site. but, also
as usual, it's a shocker to the Admin people who thought all along
that whatever direction they gave would be listened to.

Jeff is, as might be expected, just furious over the FS Leo
harrassment, especially after all the promises the FS admin made
about controlling their Leo's this year.

The FS admin people who we have been working with since last fall --
and who have been tremendously pleased by how we've worked with their
resource folks so far, and worked co-operatively on site selection --
they say they have issued new and more clear instructions to Leo's.
And they say that Regional Forester Corbin Newman is also very upset
that his direct instructions about leo behavior have not been
followed. They say he spent a lot of yesterday with the admin in D.C.
to get his backup together to challenge the leo power here and to get
his authority listened to. We'll see who's holding the reins soon.