Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some 2010 cleanup photos:

These photos show a camp and personal firepit that someone failed to disappear after they left the PA Rainbow Gathering (2010).  This is only one of HUNDREDS of personal firepits and camps that need to be disappeared every year!  The majority of gatherers have lost the art of disappearing their camps.   Did you maybe leave your camp like this?  If so, please think about this for next year, and plan accordingly.  Clean up and disappear your camp.

All art work and human made structures, pits and trails need to be disappeared and the whole area where there was any impact needs to be naturalized. This includes  hiding any artwork in chalk on stones, hiding burnt logs, hiding the burnt sides of stones used in fire ring, loosening the compacted soil around the fire ring and any other compacted areas, filling in holes with an 8-inch mound of soil and leaf litter, and spreading out piles of sticks that have been left behind.  (Sticks do not look natural in piles!)

This is all too often the case, people do not understand that they need to take a look around at the place they are going to camp, and remember what it looks like.  They need to return it back to what it was before they came.  That is the magic and it is a lost art. 

Although cleanup is a wonderful part of the event, it is very discouraging to wander through the woods and find hundreds of camps left like this.  It takes a lot of energy to clean up after everyone!

Hopefully sharing these photos will have an impact on peoples' behavior next year.