Tuesday, July 27, 2010

more photos

Before and After: Community Firepit cleanup.

This is an example of what a firepit should look like after it is cleaned up.  The huge blacken spot is not natural and will leave a visual and biological scar in the forest for a long time.  The fire/heat kills microbes that live in the soil, the recovery time is longer if charred soil is left in one place.

The blacken areas need to be flooded with water to be sure that the fire is out.  The ash can be put into a shitter or spread around the forest (be certain it is cold and out!).  The soil then needs to be aerated (disturbed) around the pit where people danced, drummed, and prayed for Mother Earth for the last week- soil must be mounded about 8 inches to fill the hole (if a hole was dug).  If there was hole dug, use the soil that was removed to fill the hole (it is probably right there, compacted where the people danced).  If grass or plants were removed they can be replaced and watered (many people actually set this aside and cleanup crew finds it and does this).  The roots will sent out new plant materials and recovery will be fast! 

The rocks need to be spread around the forest, and leave litter/duff needs to cover the firepit as to match the other areas of the forest.  Then sticks are spread out to look as if they have fallen from the trees (not left in a pile) and any wood chips need to be spread from the wood pile.

This is the art of disappearing a fire pit!  Learn it, do it!  Ask at Info if you need advice!  Welcome home!