Tuesday, June 7, 2011

spring council!

Here are some photos from the spring council site.
 Update:  Road 9300 is very steep, narrow, windy road -  take it slow, very slow and remember autos driving up the hills have the right of way. Folks should really try to minimize town runs.  There are no stores close by and being prepared to stay will eliminate extra travel on the roads.  Come prepared to stay for the week.

Due to the snow still remaining and folks who were scouting not being able to get into the sites to look around, there will be no decisions about site selection before June 18.  There may be opportunities for people to go scouting.  But they need to be prepared with winter weather gear, a basic knowledge of map-reading, and a car. 
 It is beautiful in the meadow.  Good parking in a gravel lot, and plenty of room for buses.  The folks on the land started to dig a shitter for spring council.  The picture shows a trench, and the soil removed but notice behind the pile of soil.  They carefully removed the plants that will be used to cover the shitter when it is closed! 

You can post the above, edit or reorder as needed!  It is cold tonight, but not snowing where we are.  We are not in the snow, the sites are in the snow!!

Snow go n' flow...