Sunday, July 26, 2009

Looks like cleanup is about done.

Saturday, July 25,2009 there were 9 vehicles remaining on site. Two
were being worked on (transmission replacement on one, timing chain
on the other). The last of the necessary parts had been delivered to
the parts store in Cuba and had been picked up. The last of the water
pipe was being wrapped and loaded. All of the trash had been removed
and recycled or taken to the transfer station.

The interior of the site was growing back beautifully. The late
afternoon downpours - called the 'monsoon season' here in New Mexico
- has come early this year. This has meant that our crews have faced
heavy rainstorms that last only a half hour or so. And that has
soaked the ground, meaning that where we have scarified and duffed
the soil, green plants have poked up and are growing abundantly.all
native species. So in all the high-use areas there is already green
groundcover. It's very beautiful. All the trails have been
re-naturalized. And there have been waterbars put where there is
chance for erosion. The FS has walked thru several times and I think
they like what they see. All the items on our mutual list have been done.

When I left the site yesterday evening the cleanup was in its final
phase: exiting the operating plan area. Everyone remaining was
aligned with a vehicle. There was one cleanup community firepit and
two small warming fires remaining. Heavy rains or something
unforeseen could slow the exit down. But I think we have done a sweet
job leaving Parque Venado and its surrounding woodlands.